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korrapersona asked:

I saw your new Projector and was wondering something- in these multi-movie reviews, how will you decide what order to present them in? Will it be based on release date order, or how well-known the film is? Or will it just come down to what order you feel better suits the review? I liked the compilation review btw :)


As far as pairing goes, it will usually be by release date, trying to cover what has come out together on a given weekend - so I am expecting the odd episode where there are three movies. There will also be ones that will be in the old solo style if there’s nothing to review around them. At the moment, because of how busy October is (I hope to review 10 movies by the end of the month), and I’m still catching up on titles, I’m pairing them with matches (it helps that I saw The Imitation Game and '71 just over a day apart). I’ll try to link them by a common theme where possible, but I’ll be interested to see what happens when two completely dissimilar movies get put back-to-back. And as far as what will go first, I’m currently picking the movie that I think will be the most interesting or widest released for now, but I could very well swap that around from time-to-time, depending on if people don’t watch the B-side.

For now, here are the prospective episodes until the end of the month:

- The Rewrite / What We Did on Our Holiday (comedy double)

- Serena / Love, Rosie (romance double)

- Nightcrawler / The Babadook (thriller/horror)

- Mr. Turner / ???? (not sure if this will be paired)

The first episode of the new style Projector is here! Jack O’Connell runs for his life when he’s stranded in Belfast in '71, plus a first review of Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game! Let me know what you think.

The Imitation Game Release Date: November 14th (UK), November 21st (US)

'71 US Release Date: February 27th, 2015 (cinemas)

Got my Christmas wear sorted, you filthy animal.

Got my Christmas wear sorted, you filthy animal.

Last week, me and Ursa looked at Killers, the second collaboration between Katherine Heigl and Robert Luketic. Here’s the first, The Ugly Truth, and “ugly” is a damn good word for it in this classic Bad Movie Beatdown!

Originally posted: June 15th, 2010

youmustknowpaolo asked:

Are you going to review "Gone Girl", since it opened at #1 in the UK?

No, Projector is for things that open in the UK before they do in the US.

I drive a stake right into the heart of vampire origin story Dracula Untold that attempts to reboot Universal’s Monsters as a new franchise… if this “X-Men Origins: Wolverine of vampires movies” doesn’t slay them first. 

US Release Date: October 10th (cinemas)

crispeechips asked:

I just watched your review of the Riot Club film, I very much agree with your points. But I was wondering, had you seen the play the film was based off, or did you just watch the film with the knowledge that it was an adaptation?

I have not seen the play, but I researched it fairly extensively. I watched the film to view it on it’s own merits and worked back from there. Watching the film, it’s not hard to work out that it’s been diluted heavily by adding things to it (even flip hero/villain protagonists) - basically, all the stuff that works are the things that were obviously there originally.

New Projector review! Max Irons and Sam Claflin are posh new Oxford students going bad - very bad, indeed - when they join The Riot Club, but I think this sensationalized drama is better suited to it’s original, more upper-class home on the stage.

US Release Date: TBC.


I don’t exactly sing the praises of this Simon Cowell-produced biopic of Britain’s Got Talent winner Paul Potts (played by James Corden) and his long road to success, from the director of The Devil Wears Prada

US Release Date: December 27th (cinemas)

Re-blogging, as it’s now free to watch on Yahoo! Movies in the US, ahead of it’s theatrical release.

October Update

Blimey, 7 videos in a month! I have been productive. I’ve been quite pleased with myself for getting that many, even if has been a fight to get to that number. I’m especially pleased with Killers, which turned out fantastically and I give much credit to Jill Bearup and her work on that too, especially since she managed to crack a movie that I’ve had trouble with trying to get on top of in the past. I actually had to watch a number of romantic comedies I had in order to pick a suitable one, and that was not an easy task, as some were alright and others were duller than dishwater: rejects for the crossover included Made of Honor and Did You Hear About the Morgans? The latter was a particularly exhausting experience in boredom, let me tell you.

As usual for October, it’s an extremely busy month for Projector. This is largely because we’re coming up to November and December, which are normally dominated by a handful of titles that no one really wants to book their films around if they can help it. I’ve still got a few to finish from last month, such as The Riot Club (Sam Claflin/Max Irons) and What We Did On Our Holiday (Gone Girl's Rosamund Pike in more marital trouble - this time with David Tennnant) and I'll try to get on those when I can. I recently watched Dracula Untold and I’ll be sinking my teeth into that soon. Also coming up this month: The Rewrite (Hugh Grant returns to rom-com), '71 (Unbroken's Jack O'Connell on the run from the IRA), Love Rosie (can Lily Collins and Sam Claflin be more than friends?), Serena (Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper re-team), Horns (Daniel Radcliffe goes all pointy) and Nightcrawler (Jake Gyllenhaal is not an X-Men). Oh, and maybe The Imitation Game (Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing)in there somewhere.

Now this is where I have some potential news. I’ve been thinking that maybe Projector needs to be re-tooled to become a compilation review show rather than a single video per film (something like Siskel and Ebert or BBC’s The Film Programme). This is largely because I feel that the smaller titles will get better attention if they come combined with more mainstream titles, but also because it will increase the length of those videos. I also feel that Projector has largely gotten a reputation for being boring because I’ve not tried to be funny (even though I’ve started adding more quips since audience research to try and help this) and it’s perhaps time for a fresh start on it, one that will get people posting about it again. This will mean less videos, but longer ones too. Of course, this all depends on what you think: Do you think I should change the format? Agree or disagree? Leave your comments.

As for Bad Movie Beatdown, I will try and work on it where I can. That’s really all I can say when you look at that massive list above and see what I mean. The script for Shadow Conspiracy is still complete, but I’ll likely set that for November, when my schedule gets considerably lighter. I may do a horror movie review, but that all depends on if my schedule allows me to do that. I enjoy doing them and I want to do more of them, but let’s face it, the problem is that I want to do everything, and I am but one man.

Hope you keep on enjoying the show, and keep on spreading the word about it and igniting discussion. That’s honestly the best part of doing this and I simply don’t see it enough these days.

Hope you have a safe and happy October. :)